Wies Enthoven

For many years Wies Enthoven has written human interest articles for a broad range of magazines and newspapers.

In 2005, she had her first book ‘Bange Helden’ – which translates from Dutch as ‘Frightened Heroes’ – published in the Netherlands. Based on her personal journey through a decade of the chronic illness ME/CVS, Wies describes how such an invisible challenge influences people’s lives in the deepest way possible and the courage, willpower and surrender it takes to recover.

Together with author Lisette Schuitemaker, she wrote The Eldest Daughter Effect which was published in Dutch in spring 2015, in English in 2016 and in Korean in 2018. In this book Enthoven en Schuitemaker, both eldest daughters themselves, show how firstborn girls become who they are. Based on their own findings and the small amount of scientific research that was available, they point  out the advantages of being an eldest daughter as well as the challenges this position brings. 

In 2016, Wies startte a new activity under the banner of ‘Harttaal’ which translates as ‘Language of the heart’ or more freely as ‘Language of the soul’. In a clearly defined format, Wies guides participants in a way of writing that helps refine your talents, develop self-trust and bring a new focus into life and work. In the Harttaal Studio in Amsterdam, she gives individual sessions and workshops. Wies also teaches this method in tailor-made programs for corporations and other organizations.

Harttaal is based on a writing practice – Proprioceptive Writing – that was founded 40 years ago by Linda Trichter Metcalf, PH.D. Wies is trained in the United States by Linda herself to teach it.